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Vegan & plastic-free: Our cornstarch floss is 100% vegan in a glass bottle as a 30m variant or as a refill in 2x30m. The sustainable product is waxed with natural candelilla wax, which is ecologically and gently extracted from the leaves of the candelilla bush.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Naturally compostable and free of plastics - the ecological and resource-saving alternative to conventional nylon dental floss.


Convenient: 30 metres of vegan and plastic-free dental floss - in a refillable and stylish glass bottle that fits in every trouser pocket and handbag.


Healthy teeth: For particularly gentle removal and prevention of plaque and tooth-damaging residues in the interdental space. The vegan floss has a delicious and natural mint flavour.


Stylish: In a beautiful recycled box.


Waste disposal: can be disposed of in organic waste


WARNING: The glass bottle is only included in the starter pack.


The refill package contains 2 x 30m. 

Dental floss | vegan | plastic-free

€ 8,95Price

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